MSD Animal Health Academy

About MSD Animal Health Academy

Advance through Animal Health Skills Qualifications

MSD Animal Health Academy is the academic and development department of MSD Animal Health that provides SAQA accredited training, industry customised courses and e-learning programmes to meet the needs of students, emerging farmers, farmworkers and established farming enterprises.
Our accreditation is provided through an Academic Industry Collaboration agreement with the International Agricultural Academy for Africa (Pty) Ltd, enabling our students to make use of the exciting technology of the Agripedia e-learn platform.

Our Team

Mr Jacques van Rensburg

Jacques van Rensburg graduated with an Agricultural Science degree in 1990 from where he continued his studies to qualify as a Veterinary Technologist in 1994. After 12 years representing Bayer Animal Health in the small animal industry, he refocused his career toward marketing. After completing a marketing management diploma in 2000 he developed his marketing career and became an Snr. Product manager with Bayer Animal Health in 2007. He went on to complete his MBA in 2009 and joined the MSD Animal Health team in 2012 as an Snr. Marketing Specialist in the Ruminant department. In 2018 he became the National Marketing Manager for MSD and amongst others played a pivotal role in the successful introduction of the popular agricultural TV series “Landbouweekliks” hosted by the well-known animal health icon Dr Faffa Malan. He was key in the coordination of 8 seasons or 108 episodes from 2018 – 2020. He accepted a new role in 2020 as National training manager at MSD where he was given the responsibility to develop a new training department within MSD Animal health to improve the focus on high-quality technical training and development of MSD’s internal and external customers. He is currently also one of the short course facilitators for i3A.

Dr Raesibe Kekana

Dr Raesibe Kekana graduated as a veterinarian at the University of Pretoria in 2019 and went on to do her community service in Middelburg, Mpumalanga. She also ran a herd health consultancy for emerging farmers around Mpumalanga and Lebowakgomo, Limpopo. Raesibe has a strong focus on educating farmers on basic animal health. She joined MSD animal health in May 2021 as part of their ruminant’s technical Veterinary team with a special added focus on small-scale farmers.